Books belong on bookledges

And do NOT even think of taking them off the book ledge!!

These kids…

Yesterday I finally got around to hanging a book ledge in Emily’s bedroom.  I LOVE these ledges and will eventually get all 3 up.  but for now, 1 is good.  The thing with these ledge is that the kids can easily see the front of the book, which is supposed to encourage more reading.  If Spencer allows it.

In our house, we read a lot.  All three kids read on their own, read together and read with us.  Every Monday Emily bring a library book home and most days during the week, she brings a book home from the class collection.  We read these over dinner and when we have time, over breakfast.  The kids love stories.  They love letters.  They love the ABC wall.

We actually use the ABC wall all the time now.  The little guys climb up on the bench and sing the ABCs, pointing to the letters.  And Emily uses it to practice writing.  I love the way it looks and I love that it turned out to be useful/educational/etc…

So I was really excited to get the book ledges up.

The kids all helped me.  They helped with the level, they held tools, screws, anchors, etc.  They knew not to go in the toolbox.  They loved the power drill.  Spencer would have given anything to use it! And once the ledge was finally up, they loaded it themselves.

And then the meltdown began.

Once the books were in the book ledge, Sidney took one out to read it.  Goodnight Moon.  She likes the moon book a lot.  She brought it to me, captured the coveted reading spot (my lap) and got ready to go.  And Spencer screamed.  SCREAMED.  in protest.  Because the books belong in the book ledge.  What on earth was she thinking taking one out of the book ledge.  Literally, he completely melted down over this injustice.  Collapsed on the floor in misery.  Completely inconsolable.  And once the book was safely back in the ledge to his satisfaction (and hidden behind other books so she would dare make the same mistake again), he began to calm down, and then Sidney lost it.  Because she thought the books were for reading.  And in her defense, these are the exact same book ledge that were in Emily’s room in the old house and there, the kids took a book, read it, put it back, easy as pie…  no issues.  These kids….

It was surreal and hilarious.  Spencer screaming mad at Sidney for daring to take a book to read and Sidney furious that he would not let her read a book.  We fled the scene, hit a local park and all we better.

This morning we read books in the twins room and then at breakfast, avoiding the book ledge of doom at all costs.

Because they did put those books on the book ledge and that is where they belong.  I am hoping this translates into a fabulously clean house for the rest of my life, with Spencer making sure every toy/books/etc is put away and stays away.  But somehow I doubt it.


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