Fall weather

Up here in Connecticut, it is fall, big time.  The leaves are amazing. The air is crisp and clean.  It smells like fall.  I love early fall.  This is the perfect time of year, when it is still warm enough to play outside.  Not too cold (except at night, we have had to use the heat and in my freezing cold office).   The kids seem to love fall too.

While celebrating fall I am still experimenting with camera settings.  Sidney loved the photoshoots of the past few weeks.  Spencer and Emily merely tolerated them.

When I say, Sidney got into this photoshoot, I was not kidding at all.
Here, in the first picture, she was getting ready, wait mamma, wait, sit. And in the second, ok all done cheese, she was ready.

Then, after a quick dash to a new background, here mamma….

I need to play with these setting more, the lighting is not right, but my kids are cute in any light!

(next post, this weekend’s trip the a pumpkin patch complete with an evil, demonic turkey!)


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