Now I know my ABCs

I have been gathering letters for 2 or 3 years and finally, we set up the ABC wall.  Originally, in the old house, I intended to put this in the basement.  In this house, we decided to pout it in the kitchen.  And that works well for us.  The other day, in the kitchen, Em asked me how to make a Z.  The kids are learning letters.  This is a good, central place to put it.

One day, we randomly laid out the letters we had, to gauge progress and when I saw how close we were to the finish line, I kicked this into high gear.

Even on the laundry room floor it looked great and I was so excited! So we laid them out on the kitchen floor to gauge spacing etc and started hanging letters.

(note that we left spaces for the 4 missing letters… Working on those…) I LOVE it!  I love what it adds to the kitchen, I love the touch of whimsy, and I love how practical it is!  Emily refers to it and the twins have even pointed out the S a few times.  Eventually I want to put a sofa on that wall, so the bottom row will have to move, but we have space to lengthen each row.  Just not now.

A lot of these letters have a little story.  Like the G that the kids all helped me do.  I did not want plain white.  it is hard to see on the wall, it is boring…  (note, the A and the D have to stay plain white because we use them in our annual DAD father’s day sign).  I picked out scrapbook paper that had stripes and Sidney and I figured out how to place them just right.  Then Em helped with the modge podge and Spencer helped me sand. The I was a group effort too – Spencer picked blue paint, and Emily picked glitter paint, so I did both (the glotter does not really show in the picture but it is a blend of blue and pink glitter paint).  The J had to be purple, because of how much Sidney loves purple.  Emily was in charge of the Q stickers for the Q.  And Sidney and Emily both contributed to the V.  The S is  gorgeous S that Emily and I found in a Goodwill duirng a mommy-Emily day out.  We went in for frames (of course) and came out with an S.  I love this wall!


In case anyone is looking to do anything similar, here is where I got each letter.  most were $1.  This was a time consuming but really inexpensive project!

A and D I got at a craft store (JoAnn or Michael’s), to use in our DAD sign pictures

B – coming soon, I am stitching this one

C – Goodwill

E – Goodwill, painted and decorated with rhinestone stickers (bought as a set of 4 letters that spelled EVIL, but I only used E and I here.  The V is in the original laundry room floor picture, but I did not love it when we started to assemble it, so I swapped it out.).

F, U – clearance Restoration Hardware, $0.99 each.  I was vehemently opposed to buying letters new like this until I saw this sale price!

G – a craft store

H – Goodwill (it was part of Ho Ho Ho and I decided to leave the Os behind).  It was super shiny gold and Emily painted it.

I, K, L, M – Goodwill (do you see a trend)

J – printed out a J, traced it only an old file folder that was ripped and destined to be recycled, added scrapbook paper and frame

N – clearance at Home Goods

O – that is our kitchen clock from the command center wall

P and Z – not shown, coming soon, Pottery Barn Kids clearance thanks to a gift card from mom in law

Q and W – clearance at a baby store.

R, S – Goodwill

T – need an idea for T….

V – I didn’t like the v that came from Goodwill as part of the EVIL set, so Emily and I made one with scrapbook paper and ribbon in a pretty vintage frame (also Goodwill on one of my letter hunting trips)

X – I found an X I loved on an embroidery web site, and transferred it to canvas

Y – When we did Emily’s name in her original nursery, somehow we ended up with 2 Ys, so here is one.


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