Holiday Cards, take 1

When you are a mom of multiples (well, really, when you are a mom), you learn pretty quickly that you need to plan ahead. Way ahead. As in I am currently preparing for the holidays. The winter holidays. But it is not progressing very fast.

This past weekend, Spencer was sitting on the hearth of the kitchen fireplace, so I grabbed the camera with the naive thought that I could somehow get a picture of all three kids, sitting in front of the fireplace, smiling, happy.  You know, that perfect holiday card that only exists on the web sites that sell holiday cards.

First I worked on pictures of each one individually.  Those came out great, which only served to bolster my (obviously disillusioned) assumption of that one picture of all three kids.

OK, my kids are all gorgeous, but Sidney is also the craziest kids ever!  These are not staged, these are pure Sidney.  Watch out world!

I tried and tried but I just could not get the picture of all three kids.  Want to see why?

So it was a valiant effort. I will keep trying to get that one picture of all three kids for our holiday card. or, I will go with a warmer weather theme, because last week I got these.

(by the way, check out Spencer’s foot in that first picture, he was dancing 🙂 )


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