These kids, the funniest part of my life!

No matter what else happens, every day these kids do something hilarious!

Emily on death

The other day, the little guys were somewhere – upstairs playing, in the other room, I don’t remember exactly, but Emily and I were alone at the kitchen table.  Emily said to me, let’s have a conversation about our favorite dinosaurs.  So we started talking about dinosaurs.  Then I said to her, let’s go see a dinosaur one day.

Emily: No, we can’t mommy, they are extinct

Me: Extinct?  Oh no, what does that me?

Emily: They are all gone mommy, they died.

Me (petrified out of my mind at where this is going): Died?  What does that mean?

Emily: It means they are all gone.  We can’t see them anymore.

Me: oh wow, all the dinosaurs died?  Do people die?

Emily: No mommy, only dinosaurs.  (pause) and sometimes fish.

and suddenly I can breath again.


Spencer goes French

Yesterday evening, the kids ate and then we all went upstairs early for baths/showers.  We put on pajamas and came down to eat some more.  And then Spencer’s pants literally fell down around his ankles. I took them off him, went to my fabulous new sewing area complete with sewing machine that is always out and accessible and put in a few tuck pleats in no time flat.  Then I put them back on Spencer and he said they felt great and ran off.

Me: ah, ah, ah, Mr. Man, come back here.  Kiss?

And that boy put a hand on each of my shoulders and kisses me first on the left cheek and then on the right cheek.

Oh my goodness I love this boy so much!

Sidney goes British

One morning the gang was eating and I started to brew a pot of tea.  I make enough tea for a day – in our house that means about 10 tea bags, brewed over ice and the kids can drink it really quick.  I opened the tea cabinet and asked then what kind of tea, regular (black), green or peach.

Sidney: Tea! Earl Grey mama. Earl Grey.

And then they work in tandem…
On the way to day care this morning the little guys and I were talking about the school’s “end of summer ice cream party” this afternoon. I told them I was going to get Emily from her school and then we would come to the ice cream party together. Then we started talking about ice cream flavors.

Spencer: Door Ice Cream!

Sidney: Diapy Ice Cream!

And then the kids started laughing so hard that I thought they would literally fall out of their car seats! Diapy (diaper) ice cream! We talked through all the possible options – tree ice cream, shoes ice cream… Sidney is sticking with Diapy ice cream and Spencer’s new favorite is waffle ice cream. These kids are hilarious on their own, but as a team, even more so!



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