We touched trucks

This summer we moved to a small(ish) town.  We moved from an area in Connecticut called Silvermine.  We loved Silvermine, but I always regretted that we never took advantage of all that Silvermine offers its residents.  For example, we could have, but never did, walked to Silvermine Market.  So now, I want to get more involved in our community.  So when we learned that the town was hosting a “Touch A Truck” this weekend, we decided to go.  And then we found out that 11-12 were the designated quiet (horn free) hours, even better!

Spencer loves trucks and kept saying “Touch Truck”.  When I asked him how many trucks he would see, he thought a minute and said TWO!  Boy was he in for a treat!

The girls were excited to go too!

Once we got there, Spencer’s eyes expanded so much that they reminded me of the Grinch’s heart in that measuring stick. He seemed stunned and in awe and a little overwhelmed. he loves trucks but only sees them on the highway, or in miniature version on our kitchen/living room/laundry room/etc floor. Our first stop was the 18 wheeler.

Hand in hand, with either me or D, the kids led us all over the parking lot.

The wheels alone were the biggest we have ever seen! Spencer was too overwhelmed by the size to sit in them, but the girls were game.

After the wheels, we took a ride on the little train, checked out the recycling truck (and the kids each got a mini single stream recycling canister), a cement mixer, the ambulance, an oil truck and a few more.

Emily was a big fan of the mail truck.

Then, while D and Spencer went back to a few favorites, the girls and I explored the Bobcat.

We ended our day with a trip to the bounce house, which effectively tired out all three kids, and headed back to the car as the horns started.  it was a great day, the kids had fun, and we started to get more active in our town.  Next stop, voting on the town referendum on the revisions to the elementary school.


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