Emily in Kindergarten

The other evening, D and I attended Emily’s Kindergarten Open House.  I was immensely impressed with her teacher and everything she had to say.  I especially loved when she said so many fabulous things about Em, of course.  But the best part was seeing Emily’s work hanging on the walls.

I have been collecting Emily’s art since day 1, so I can tell you that this is a huge progression from her early art, and even a huge progression from her art just a few weeks ago.  Then again, just a few weeks ago she was starting to crawl and only 10 months old… so I guess it is all relative.

On her desk was a journal, and i photographed the 2 pages she had done so far. Page one is a replica of the “family” (missing Daddy sadly) picture we sent in.  I am not completely sure what eh second picture is, but I still love it.

On the walls I saw Emily’s Pete The Cat, loving his purple shoes

In the hallway outside her classroom we find out that Rainbows make her happy

And she colored a birthday hat for the birthday wall, of course

Seeing her work was a huge treat and I cannot wait to go back to her class as soon as I can!  Emily, I just adore watching you grow!


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