Play Time

School has started and we are off and running in so many directions…  I remember things like spare time fondly…  So in the absence of a “real post”, here are some pictures of us hard at play.  Emily was always involved in playing, but lately she has not been a fan of pictures, which is why she is in only a few pictures.

We have been riding bikes, playing in the wagon, and driving cars in the driveway a lot.

We met up with some friends to get to know the parks around our new house

and the park at school

We played outside in the rain. Well, really, we were riding bikes around the cul-de-sac when Spencer and I decide to go back to the house. We filled the water table and just as I turned off the hose, it started to pour. Sidney and I went inside, while D played outside with Emily and Spencer. Spencer LOVED it! Every time it has rained since then, he has begged to go outside.

And we have played inside too. Spencer found an alpace D gave me years and years ago and Sidney found her birthday crown from school.

Ad today, while Emily and I were at her first day of Kindergarten Hebrew School, guest photographer D took these pictures of Sidney riding Emily’s first bike and of the kids helping him make pretzels.  He makes GREAT pretzels!

They also helped him make lunch, which was fabulous!  But notice by big kids are in chairs with NO booster seats.  Putt hose away about a week ago.  And we are now a crib free house too.  Spencer’s crib turned into a toddler bed about a week or so ago.  Sidney’s did as well, but she vehemently rejected the idea.  Yesterday she asked for the toddler bed piece to be put back on.  And we are now on night 2 of toddler beds.   They cook, they sit in real chairs, they sleep in beds that are not cribs.  The other day, Spencer fixed the wheel on Sidney’s car and then pushed her around the driveway.  What’s next?


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