Taking Command of the Situation

Now that Emily is in Kindergarten, we need to be even more organized then ever before!  Morning and afternoons are especially organized to the minute.

Leave the house around 7:15 to get the little guys to day care right at 7:30 and then head home with Emily.  School bus comes at 8:27.  Then I head to work and I have not yet found an easy way to get from our house to 95 without sitting in a mess of traffic.  I might start taking the merrit….  Afternoons, leave work as soon as my 1:30-2:45 class ends (today I am bringing my school bag to class with me and I will leave right from class, that should give me an extra 5-10 minutes!)  Grab the little guys from day care and head home.  The bus WAS dropping Em off at 4:10, yesterday it came 20-25 minutes earlier!  When they streamline things they REALLY streamline things!    There is no room for error, there is no room for traffic, three is no room for thinking.  The good news is that Em rides with another kindergartener and both moms (and the bus driver) know that if either mom is missing, the other mom gets both kids.  HUGE help!

One of the features of the new house that we really like is the mudroom type cubbies.

This is from the listing, right now it is not this organized….

Emily has the middle cubby and right now, the left cubby belongs to the little guys.  The right cubby has all the artwork we have not yet hung and assorted other things to unpack…  The problem with this room is that we never ever use that door.  It is right off the kitchen (LOVE having a laundry room right off the kitchen) though, so we are trying to get in the habit of putting backpacks in the cubby.  So far, they tend to end up on the kitchen floor.  But we are starting…  it is all about getting/being/staying organized.

In that same vein, I made a command center in the kitchen.

This is the wall i started with (pre sale picture)

They had a huge dry erase magnet board there and while I liked what they did, I wanted more color and I needed it to be more kid friendly.  This did not work for me.

This does!  it looks much more chaotic compared to the wall the seller had, but I love it!  We use it, it 100% works for us.  And it is pretty.

This wall is really centrally located.  it is right in the kitchen (we do use that door to the right, it goes to the deck), and now it is bright and colorful and kid friendly.  It has something for everyone, and it can grow up with us.

It was key to me to have something for the twins in the command center.

This is a simple frame from Michael’s Crafts with the gloss popped out. I put in a piece of sheet metal that I covered with some fun scrapbook paper. And voila! We finally have a magnetic surface in the new house! The twins spend a lot of time playing with this magnetic animal thing. When it gets boring, we will swap it out for magnetic letters or something…

I also made a “grown up” version of the same magnetic board, also with no glass, sheet metal and pretty paper. This one is higher up and perfect for notes I need to keep, like the birthday party invitation in the picture!

Below the grown up magnetic board is a ribbon board I found at a tag sale a few years ago.

This is perfect for storing papers that the kids can have access to. The little guys like seeing their pictures in there too.  And that lottery ticket is a winner!  We need to turn that in, it has been there a LONG time!

I purposely hung the clock really low. Emily is working on telling time and we use that clock often (little hand on the 7, big hand on the 12, let’s get read to take the kids to day care!) And next to that is my picture frame calendar.

I made this calendar a few years ago and still love it! Command velcro strips helped me hang the dry erase markers right next to it.

And in the small space to the left of the calendar, I have my trains – Emily, Spencer and Sidney Thomas trains!

it is a great little fun happy space for us, and we love it!  AND, it is keeping us (me) organized.  I know what days Emily has gym (and has to wear sneakers in stead of her beloved high heels), I can keep play dates organized, and I have a place to keep those little things you need and would lose if they were anywhere else!  So far, we have taken command of life!


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