Peaches, Apples and Sunflowers

We let Emily choose how to celebrate her graduation and (after I made a few suggestions), she chose to go out to a pick your own farm for peaches, apples and a sunflower maze.

We started off in the peach fields.  Emily dove right in and Sidney was not far behind her.  Spencer took a few minutes to conduct some surveillance, but then he was off and running (and picking) too!

The peaches were perfect!  The trees were full and it smelled So good!

The kids ate as many as they picked, possibly even more! Sidney always had 2 peaches, one in each hand, and had to find a place to put them to pick more. Spencer would stick with one until it (inevitably) fell and then he would start another one. Emily ate and picked simultaneously.

But I think my favorite moment was when Sidney was struggling with a peach so Spencer came over to help her, picked the peach and put it in her hand.  Twins are hard work.  VERY hard work.   But seeing moments like these make it all worth it.   Spencer saw her struggling, came over to help and helped her.  I love this.

But all too soon we have picked our full and it was time to head to the apple orchards and the sun flower maze. Emily led the way…

Just like in the peach trees, Sidney always had 2 apples, one in each hand.

The apples are not really ready yet. They let people pick, but it is still pretty early. We picked exactly 10 apples, mostly ginger golds, which I love. then we headed out to the sunflower maze.

We started off as a group of 5, but a few steps in we got separated by another family. Spencer and I fell behind. he had a great time exploring. Eventually we caught up….

Reminiscent of the tumble in the corn maze last year, Emily kept a tight hold on her apple in this one!

Then, Sidney and I fell behind. We could see D’s head over the top of the sunflowers, and we could see marker #7. So we headed that way. Sidney kept stopping and stooping to munch her apples. (These 2 pictures are the real version and the zoomed version of her apple breaks).

Sidney and I kept heading towards marker #7, and soon found ourselves at marker #2. Then #1. Then we gave up and left via the entrance. Sigh. We climbed up to the observation tower and watched the rest finish the maze.

D in the middle of the maze. Emily and Spencer are below the flowers 🙂

Despite Sidney and my early, unplanned, exit, the maze was gorgeous! The kids all had a blast picking fruit and eating it, and the loved the maze too. In about a month we will go back with Emily for our Rosh Hashana tradition of apple picking and the corn maze, followed by the children’s service.


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