I give you the graduate!

Last week, Emily graduated from preschool.  It was a surreal event.  I knew it was coming.  She had been practicing the songs for weeks.  She (and Spencer and Sidney) practiced crossing over the bridge every afternoon before we got in the car.  And I have been preping for kindergarten for about as long.  But it was still surreal to actually see her in the ceremony, in her dress, high heels, and graduation cap.

A few weeks before gradation, Emily and I went shopping for a graduation dress.  Well, thanks to the selection at our favorite kids consignment store, we ended up with 6 dresses, one shirk (that I adore and desperately want in my size) and a pair of high heels.  Emily loved every single dress and hand selected each one (and about a dozen others), but was (is) head over heels in love with her new (half inch if that) high heels.

Because she is my princess girl and because I knew how thrilled she would be, I decided to skip the traditional mailbox balloons to mark graduation and went instead with a tiny corsage.

Emily LOVED it! There was the dress, the heels, the excitement of the day, AND a corsage!

The ceremony itself consisted of song, a story, sunflowers for the moms, and then each graduate crossed over the bridge.

(by the way, at the end I forgot I was in video mode and tried to take a few pictures…)

After the ceremony Emily posed for some pictures.

I am so proud of my baby girl, the graduate!  And in just one week she will be my baby girl, the Kindergartener!


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