A family vacation – the daddy version

I completely forgot to include the pictures from D’s phone in the family vacation post!  But they really do deserve their own post!

One day Emily went off with everyone else while D and I took care of sick kiddos. That afternoon, medicated, we braved the world and went for a walk. The kids seemed to enjoy being outside.

They dozed on and off and tried ice cream (Sidney was NOT interested one bit) and walked and walked and walked. When we got back to the car, we stopped at look at all the rocks and waves.

Another afternoon (also know as the afternoon the 7 month pregnant woman driving her car randomly decide to stop and back up on the main road into the cross walk, while Spencer and I were in said cross walk heading to rite aid for more infant Motrin, nearly hitting his stroller…. Sigh…), D and Sidney did a series of selfies.

And then she took his hat

D’s next pictures came on the day we were heading out and everyone was healthy.

Then big sister joined them. And in the last few, you can see cousin Danielle sticking her head out around the front door.


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