A family vacation

I am woefully behind in this baby book, but about a month ago we took a family vacation.  10 of us rented a house in Rhode Island, and except for a melt down (me) because of 2 sick kids (Spencer and Sidney), a fabulous time was had by all.

Spencer thoroughly enjoyed being with more men for once!

The cousins had a wonderful time playing together

Sidney was sick first (she took the Saturday, Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday shift, Spencer took Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), but seemed to enjoy the zoo (on and off) from the comfort of the stroller.  Since her best friend is her stuffed giraffe, and really enjoyed seeing the live version.

One of my favorite parts of this family trip is that all the kids get to spend so much time together.  Several afternoons we all played on the front lawn and when Sidney’s medication was in full force, she had a great time too.  I love these pictures because you would never know how sick she was.

Spencer has always been a fan of bunnies (bunny mama hop hop) so he was thrilled to see so many bunnies near the house. We even saw a baby bunny that he and Sidney still mention.

One night both babies were feeling miserable, and when these kids feel miserable they only want mama. This can be flattering and I am honored and thrilled to comfort my babies, but this was quickly becoming a 24-7 job. So, Spencer and Sidney of the future, reading about your life as 2 year olds, on this particular night, Daddy was in charge of comforting you. You see, it was day 2 or 3 and I felt like I had not seen Emily in days. She was off playing with grandparents, and aunt/uncle/cousins and I missed her. And you guys were miserable and I was drained. Enter a mama melt down. Emily was already in pajamas and I got her a shirt and shorts and she and I went to a beach for a little bit. She was thrilled and I was beside myself to be with her.

That impromptu evening beach visit was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

The next morning at 6am we repeated it and took the kids back to the beach.  On this day, Spencer was miserable and stayed in the stroller or in my arms.  So he is in zero pictures.  He was mildly interested in watching the waves and the birds, but not interested in the beach at all.

The girls had a blast!  Sidney did seem confused by the fact that she was wearing her pajamas, but she loved it.  The beach, by the way, was not made for stroller wheels.

But the last day, Friday, was the best!  Both babies were better, even medicine free, and happy!  We boarded the boat for Block Island and had a great day. Spencer is still talking about the boat, and I am just thrilled that we did something he loved, after his miserable few sick days.

Three happy, healthy kids!  A perfect day.  And by the way, these last two pictures of Sidney with that huge smile – it shoudl be noted that she is smiling great big at grandpa!


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