And a house becomes a home

We are still unpacking and organizing here.  But making lots of progress.  This past weekend D got bit by some sort of unpacking bug and went nutty unpacking boxes like mad!  It was a huge help since I got bitten by the “unpacking paralysis” bug.  I am still there, sort of.  I open a box, put two or three things away and then have no idea what to do with everything else in the box.  Slowly but surely everything is going into place and boxes are disappearing.  but it is kind of still a house.

Yesterday I had to go back to our old house for a light switch cover I had forgotten to grab (Emily’s pink butterfly one).  It was really emotional for me.  There was the spot where Emily walked for the first time.  Over there is where Spencer first army crawled.  And just next to it, the spot where Sidney loved to roll under the bouncy seat and hang out.  The spot where I told D I was pregnant, and told Emily she would be a big sister.  The places she and I cuddled and nursed.  The spot where she and Sidney and I sat for the first time (Spencer was still in the hospital).  Countless more memories.  I left there with a lump in my throat and went to get the kids.

And then it happened.  I pulled into the driveway and garage in the new house.  We all got out and walked the length of the (very long) driveway to get the mail.  Spencer took off at a run.  Sidney hugging her spotted dog.  Emily skipping.  On the way we met a neighbor.  Then we grabbed the kids bikes and did the length of the driveway again.

And I realized that I don’t miss the old house as much as I thought I did. I will always hold tight to those memories but now we are making new memories.  This morning Spencer brought me a pretend cup of tea, along with a picnic – mushrooms, pickles, meat and cake.  What more could I ask for?  And this morning, Emily helped me brew the first pot of tea in the new house.  Peach green tea.  Bliss!

Emily putting the tea bags into the brewer. Ignore the mess on the table, last box we unpacked had kitchen stuff in it, all the stuff you see here.

Last night Sidney could not find her favorite Book about an Owl and we all looked.  When I asked Spencer if he had seen it, he nodded and said “Emmy’s room” and ran into her room.  The book was downstairs, but still…   Impressive.  The kids have their favorite places to sit together, read, play, hug, torment each other etc.  Every morning now Spencer says “bye house” as we pull out of the driveway.  So it occurred to me today and maybe, in just the few nights we have slept here, this house has already become our home.

Our favorite places to play right now are the driveway, the back deck (where the kids eat dinner more often than not) and the swing set.

We never really used the swing set in the old house because all three kids loved the swings. I have 2 swings and three kids.  Bad math.  but the twins have discovered the slide and are obsessed with it!  The rule is, no slide unless there are 2 adults.  one has to run the stairs side and one does the “catching” at the bottom.  Otherwise, the little guys shoot down too fast and go flying off!

The driveway is a favorite place for drawing with chalk, riding bikes and playing baseball. or just stopping by thee cone flowers for a hug. LOVE this!

Emily took some time off from getting to know the new yard to pose for pictures too, this first one is my all time favorite of her!

So maybe this is now our home.  Maybe it does happen that fast.  maybe we make new memories that fast.


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