One done, too much more to go….

One room is done!  Emily’s room has been 100% unpacked and put away and it perfect and gorgeous and I love it!  She is missing some clothes, and I need to hang art on her walls.  And I am not as enamored with those tigers as she is.  But for now I have one perfect room in my house!

Just because, here are some pictures of the kids exploring the house for the first time, before moving day…. Sidney and her baby doll posed on the steps down to the sun room, and Spencer and Emily explored the swing.

And then we moved.

Moving on (because what is a move without some poorly placed bad puns?)… I have completely unpacked Emily’s room. 100% done and fabulous and officially my favorite room in the house!

She suddenly loves those tigers.  Me not so much.  She is my princess, fairy, butterfly baby girl, not a tiger girl.  But for now it is fine, although if I have my way, that room will be pink eventually.  Emily chose her bed placement specifically so she could see the tiger and the window and we placed her butterflies above her bed, exactly as they have hung since she came home from the hospital.  Her chair is ready for cuddles and so comfortable.  Her dresses are all hanging happily in her closet.  her book ledges and art still need to be hung, but there are plenty of books in her book box and tons more down the hall.  It is a perfect room.  And box free.

By contrast, the master is a mess.  Then again, that is partially by design.  I wanted the kids room to be as box free as possible so they could have their room done faster.

This is a weird master, but that is for another day…  I am trying to keep the boxes in the dressing/closet area, so we don’t roll onto them at night or anything.

And the twins room is not done, or even close, but still has room to play, read and more importantly, has all the required sleeping friends and paraphernalia.

They have a BIG room!  We actually debated making this the master is how big it is.  The beds are not where I want them to be, but they are fine for now.  The rocker is perfect in there and Spencer and I spent much time there last night due to the horrific unpacking events.  By the way, at 3:33 exactly this morning, Spencer woke up, cried for a second or two, turned on his music box and went back to sleep.  Success!

This room is next.


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