And with that we moved

Let me start by saying that I HATE moving.  I HATE packing.  i HATE unpacking.  but most of all, I HATE this kind of dramatic change.  And it is worse with babies.   All three kids know we have a new house, but I am not sure they completely understand what that means.  Emily does.  she gets it and she seems happy.  I made a point of involving her.  She chose exactly where to put her bed, her nightlight, her butterfly ceiling mobile.  But the little guys were another ball of wax.  Oh boy do I hate moving!

We had a crew of 6 men and 2 trucks and it took about 8 hours.  5 or 6 hours in we had to get the kids, who were of course confused and unsure about the 6 strange men walking in and out of the house.  Spencer would not leave my side.  Sidney was a bit more adventurous.  But even Emily stayed close.  We fed them dinner (my heart smiled at all three kids sitting at the kitchen table, the real one, not th ekid table, eating dinner), the movers were still here.  We read books, still here.  Finally, they left and I started putting sheets on the kids beds.

One of the things I am OCD about with moving is that I have a very visible (in this case, bright yellow) bag with fresh, clean sheets, towels, clothes, etc.  So if all else fails, I am set.  And we had the luxury of moving in 5 days after we closed, so all the bedding was in the house, on a shelf, ready  to go.  The kids explored while I made up the cribs and then it all came apart.  D only found one lambie pacifier.  (yes, they use them, yes, I hate that, deal, whatever).  And only found Sidney’s crib music box.  We had their best friends (Sidney’s giraffee and baby doll, and Spencer’s bear and Emily’s sleeping buddies).  Emily tore boxes apart looking, the kids were exhausted and wanted to go to bed.  With their stuffed friends, blanket, music and pacifiers.  ARG!  I tore the house apart while Spencer screamed (he got the sort straw, Sidney got the one pacifier).  I cuddled him while D tore the house apart.  The only missing box had in it his blanket, his pacifier, his crib music box, and the kids stuffed friends.  How is that really the ONLY missing box?  ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Spencer and I sang and rocked and he finally fell asleep.  I put him into his bed and near tears went to help D search, when suddenly he came racing up the stairs, WITH THE MISSING LAMBIE!  The box was clearly marked “Twins room bedtime”.   It was in the living room.  Spencer slept soundly through us attaching his music boxes to the crib and I put all the kids friends into their cribs.  He tends to wake up at 4am and turn on his music and go back to sleep.  This way he can.   want him to wake up and be comforted with everything that is familiar to him.

And so the kids related moving drama is now over.

But the moving drama is not over.   I hate moving!  But once a move is over, I love getting into a bed with those clean fresh sheets.  And while I know I won’t sleep great – too many odd noises, smells, etc and listening for the kids, it will still feel fabulous.  Except, our box spring did not fit up the stairs.  So i made our mattress, on the floor.  Somehow not the same.

The things we do for our kids.  I am SO glad this is over.  I am not thrilled with sleeping on the floor, but st least the kids are all safe, happy and surrounded by their friends.  Tomorrow I start unpacking, and bring the insanity to another level.


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