another morning at the beach

I am not a huge fan of the three dreaded H’s – hazy hot and humid.  After the winter we had though, I feel like I should not complain.  But I don’t like bringing the kids outside in this weather.  In part because it is too hot and the sun is too strong, but in part because I don’t like being out in it.  So we tend to play outside a lot in the mornings, before it gets too hot.  This past weekend we decided on a morning trip to the beach.

This time we remembered to bring buckets, shovels and a ball.

After playing with the sand for a while, the kids finally ventured out to the water for our favorite beach activity – throwing rocks into the water. Emily wore her water shoes and although I brought the kids’s water shoes, they did not want to put them on.

This was in part a random trip to the beach and in part a celebration! This was a weekend with a few milestones. Thursday July 3, with his grandparents and cousin there to witness it, Spencer said his name! it is breathy and sounds like Peeeh-sa, but it is his name and sounds beautiful! And then Sunday evening, Sidney sat criss-cross applesauce for the first time.


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