a purple photoshoot

last week the twins learned about colors in school.  Every day had a designated color of the day, and I did my best to dress the kids accordingly.   green was hard.  Orange Spencer had, and Sidney faked (she has a pink shirt with a tiny bit of orange trim).  Purple day I did a small photoshoot.  Sidney wore a purple dress – one of Emily’s that she only wore once or twice, it was the right size, wrong season kind of dress.  Spencer wore blue.

Spencer spent the morning play time in his car.

But he has had his own photoshoot so this one was really just for Sidney.

Sidney is used to these photoshoots by now, and knows the drill.  I like the background to be the woods, and she choose the tree she wanted to be in front of.  She is just so gorgeous!

Then she got into posing.  Picture one is her standard CHEESE picture.  I love this face!  Picture 2 is a new pose for her.  And picture 3 is just gorgeous Sidney.  But picture 4 is the sweetest one.  Emily ran up and they hugged.  I love how much these kids love each other.

After her “formal” photoshoot, AKA, since I had gotten some great shots of my gorgeous baby girl, the kids played with bubbles a bit until it was time to go to school.  Spencer kept riding around in his car, having a great time.



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