a morning at the beach

When Emily was an only child, we used to stop at the beach on the way to school every so often.  It was a lot of fun for both of us and a great way to enjoy the beach without the crowds, heat, etc…   In the pictures and videos here she is enjoying the beach at about age 2 and a half.  Just slightly older than the twins are now.  When I took Spencer to the beach randomly one afternoon, throwing rocks was also his favorite part.  And the other morning, when we did our first trip to the beach before school, once again, throwing rocks into the water was the highlight.

Spencer and I led the way to the water, hand in hand, while the girls, also hand in hand walked behind us. Sidney stopped halfway there to start gathering rocks. This is a rocky shore, so she found tons and tons of rocks, way too many for her little hands to hold.  Spencer meanwhile preferred the rocks closer to the water, as did Emily.

First thing in the morning is still our favorite time at the beach.   It was deserted except for a few random walkers and runners.  Sidney was still up the beach a bit, gathering rocks, so Spencer and Emily worked on their rock throwing skills.

The sun was rising over the water, and taking pictures facing the sun has never been my forte.  Plus it was so bright out that I could not really use the screen to see if the light setting were right.  So I was thrilled to see how well these pictures came out.  I especially love the splash shots.

Spencer thought this was the greatest game ever!  He would throw his rock (thankfully only into the water, never at his sisters, whew!) and then turn and clap and search for another rock.  So happy we live by a rocky shore!

And finally, Sidney made her way down to the waters edge to join the fun.

This kids had a great time, but we did leave time to visit the playscapes before heading to school.

The kids were everywhere on the playscape!  Once Emily showed her the way, Sidney was off and running – up the steps, across the wobbly bridge thing, stopping to spin the steering wheel or bang the musical bells, and the down the slide.  Spencer was a bit more cautious, but in time was running after his sister.  We were only there about 45 minutes, but it was a great 45 minutes.  And we’ll do it again.


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