Girling this up around here

It is me or have things become too boyish around here? Ok maybe not. Poor Spencer will forever be at the mercy of his sisters. He gamely plays with baby dolls, strollers, and makes fabulous pretend tea.


Side note, I prefer to buy the kids used clothes.  For a lot of reasons.  First, they are just cheaper.  But more than that, they are almost always in fabulous condition.  A dress Emily would love in a store would cost between $15 and $20.  Not bad.  But at a consignment store or tag sale?  $3-$5.  I only buy used clothes that are in great condition (similarly, I only sell my kids clothes that are in great condition).  So why not save some money.  Also, this way, if the kids hate it, I am only out $5 or so, instead of $20 or so.  Big difference with 3 kids.  But occasionally I do buy new.  Like these shorts.  I bought them new for Spencer.  Size – 18 months.  Brand – Carters.  Disaster.  I got him a few pairs of shorts.  These, another shorts overall set that fits perfectly, and 2 pairs of beige cargo shorts.  All Carters, all the same size, all the same store.  The tag even said 18 months – 24.5 – 27.5 pounds.  He weighs 25 pounds.

So I put these cute little overalls on him and too small.  The other overalls, just right, and the cargo shorts, likely fit D. HUGE on him.  All Carter’s, all 18 months.  I could return them, but he wore them one day before I realized how tight they were.

So they have been sitting in a box.  I could sell them.  I could donate them. I ended up leaving them there.  But now we are packing so decision need to be made.  I have donated SO much, sold lots of stuff, but these shorts… I am not sure why I could not get rid of them.  I had no real emotional attachment to them.  They are just cute.  And Spencer looked adorable in them.  What to do?  What to do?  And then this morning, inspiration struck!  I could girl them up!

I went through my sewing box and found the trim I put on Sidney’s denim dress.

SO CUTE!  I love the way it looks!  I decided to do both legs and then I put a little trim on the pockets.  Both to make it more girly and because Sidney loves pockets.  Why not make them easier for her to find?

The next obvious picture is one of Sidney in the shorts, but that needs to wait a few days, they are slated for the long weekend.  Stay tuned!


Link parties: DIY Showoff,


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