Bikes and Strawberries

I am very behind in this baby book, and am trying to catch up, but life gets busy….

The twins were thrilled with grandma and grandpa’s gifts for their birthday – new bikes!  Actually, every child to play on our driveway, including Emily is thrilled with these gifts. Spencer and Sidney love them, but sadly, even on the tinest setting, their little legs don’t quite reach the pedals… soon….

In the mean time, big sister loves riding them, and is always ready to help push.

Expecting a picture of Emily and the bikes? This one came out better… She is so gorgeous!

last week, (2 weeks ago now?) Emily and I took the day off and went strawberry picking.  She and I go every year and we love it!  We generally go twice a year, but this year…  yeah, life is busy….

We picked tons of berries! And they were perfect. Peak ripeness, perfectly sweet, a great day.

We filled on big basket for us (and for the kids birthday party, smoothies, etc…) and then Emily picked a smaller basket of berries for grandma and grandpa

We picked about 6 pounds of berries, but I am pretty sure Emily ate more than that.



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