Two by Two…

So we went to sleep last night with a 5 year old and 2 babies.  We woke up this morning with a 5 year old and 2 TWO year olds!  Emily woke up and called for me first.  She and I talked for a few minutes about that morning 2 years ago, when we woke her up to go to the hospital and have the babies.  We talked about how she and I got matching triage bracelets and we both kept them on until both babies were home from the hospital.  After reminiscing a bit, Emily, by herself, went into the babies room and sang Happy Birthday, first to Spencer and then to Sidney.  I cannot believe they are two!

Two years ago Emily became the best big sister ever.  After an insane birth, and 26 hours of my own complications, I finally got to hold my babies.

In the NICU, the babies were in separate isolettes, but the nurses did put them together for a quick picture, which has been my favorite ever since. And then back at home, they were together every chance we got.  In the second picture here, they are snuggling in one bouncy seat celebrating being 10 days old.  I LOVED when they fit together in one bouncy seat!!

Sidney looks exactly the same. More hair now (YAY!) but exactly the same. Spencer on the other hand looks nothing like he did at birth.

One year later…

I got a banner to celebrate their first birthday and plan to use it annually for birthday pictures. year one they cooperated.

So tiny!  They were just crawling at this point, so it was fairly easy to force cooperation 🙂

A few days later, I got a rare picture of all three kids, all looking at me!

And she still looks exactly the same!  But now he looks more like MY Spencer.  At one they already adored big sister, they were more mobile, they loved books, and were fabulous cuddlers.

And then one year later, they became two year olds.  TWO.

Today is forecasted to be hot hot hot and humid so we took advantage of the nice morning and had breakfast outside on the breezeway steps.  The little guys (because they are not babies anymore) were fascinated with this idea, and more so when a school bus went by, but did insist on wearing shoes with their pajamas.

While we were outside, I tried the birthday banner picture.  The twins checked out the banner but were not interested in posing for pictures.

While they finished breakfast, gorgeous big sister (who ate while they were checking out the banner) posed for a few pictures.  The kids are all loving the clematis and it is growing like mad this year and looks fabulous!

Once breakfast was done, we tired the official banner birthday picture again.  To try to make this work, I set up 3 chairs in front of the banner.  Emily, naturally, cooperated. Spencer rearranged the seating and Sidney faced the sign.  I could not pick my favorite pictures, so here is the progression of Spencer moving his chair and Sidney coming in and keeping her back to me.

So, to recap, once Spencer moved his chair to the right spot, he was happy, and Sidney never turned to really face me, but see how nice Emily smiles through it all?

So we gave up and got dressed and contemplated trying again. But, you see, this is not a “top of the line” sign that was permanently drilled into the ground or anything. Instead, it is easily removed from the ground. It did not take the kids long to figure that out!

And with that we gave up on the banner picture. Or maybe not.  Maybe the destructive pictures will be our tradition, and really, it seems to me that the destructive element really signifies that they are officially 2 year olds!

So it has been two really weird years.  Two years of cuddles, of snuggles, of ear infections and runny noses, of teething, and not sleeping.  Two years of smiles and hugs.  Two years of running up to mommy.  Two years of love.  Two incredible years.  People talk about the “terrible twos” but with Emily two was SO. MUCH. FUN.  Two for the twins is shaping up to be fun.  And more so once Spencer gets this molar and shakes the corresponding cold.

happy birthday my babies!


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