Father’s Day 2014 – The year of the runaway D

By now, anyone who has read this blog knows that tradition is important to me.  And Father’s Day is as good a time as any for a little tradition.  Unfortunately, Spencer does not necessarily agree.

Father’s Day 2010 I made this for D.

It is cute, but I did not want to do it again with just Emily.  it did not turn into a tradition.

Father’s day 2012 i was too uncomfortable to attempt anything cute, sorry D.  We did have plans to go out to breakfast the day after Father’s Day, just the two of us.  But, instead, 5:30 that morning, my water broke.  And you know, I never did get breakfast that day.  jello yes, but not breakfast.  Scrap 2012.

Then, Father’s Day 2013 we made this

I LOVE IT!  It is my favorite picture of all three kids.  LOVE the way it came out!  OK, great!  let’s make it a tradition!

Then the fates conspired against us.  First, I lost the D and the A.  So finally I just went and get new ones.  Then the kids became so obsessed with their bikes that they would not sit still long enough to focus the camera.  But we finally got in gear.  Sort of.  Well, two thirds of the way into gear.

Spencer was not having it.  he kept taking the D and running away.  But my girls cooperated.

So, we’ll keep trying.  And hopefully by fall D will have a new DAD picture for his office.

Happy Father’s Day to my best friend, my soul mate, and the best father ever.

(and a tease for everyone else… This year D’s father got a special father’s day gift (in my opinion) – the only existing pictures of Sindey in pigtails!  SO SO SO cute!!!!!  This girl was made for pigtails! happy Father’s Day grandpa!)


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