The most petrified I have ever been

This afternoon I got the worst scare of my life.  We once took Spencer to the ER in the middle of the nigh for a fever and rapid breathing.  Emily once fell off a kitchen chair onto the hardwood floor.  Sidney is, well, petrifying in her own right and has had tons of spills but they never faze her as much as they faze me.  But today was the worst.  And as this is a baby book, I want to document the good, the bad, and the petrifying.

I had a great day today.  Got new tires on the car, got a lot of work done, went to the office and had lunch with my favorite person (hugs G!), came home for an hour and then went to get the kids.  Another 5 minutes either direction, and none of this would have happened.  And, spoiler alert, NOTHING happened, everyone is fine and after several hours of shaking (literally shaking), I am fine too.

I got to the day care, and was totally engrossed in Sheppard Smith’s analysis of the Iraq situation.  I pulled into the driveway and my heart literally stopped.  There, right in front of the day care, were two police cars, parked right in front of the door at odd angles, not in spaces.  My brain flew a million different directions.  if they were there as a “community worker” type lesson then they would have pulled into spaces.  No child in the school could have “done” something.  There were no ambulances.  A criminal type thing?  I left the car on the side of the parking lot, blocking in a teacher, pretty close to blocking the bottom of the driveway and ran inside.  The school was empty.  The office was empty.  At this point I was not breathing.  I ran to the back door and there, but the gate between the sandbox side and the infant play are was the director, 2 police officers, one teacher, and Sidney.  What on earth could Sidney have done????

Thankfully the director saw me as I squeaked (because I had no voice at this point), is everything ok?  She assured me several time that everything was fine, all the kids were fine, a random alarm had gone off.  The police even assured me everything was fine.  And that they would not give me a ticket for my panicked illegal parking job.  Sidney ran off the play, Spencer ran to me for a hug, and I nearly fainted.

These kids are my world.  And those few minutes….  I can’t even go there.  In just a bit I will go check on all of them.  I will re-tuck them in (except Spencer who is likely sleeping on his blanket), make sure everyone has their friends nearby, relive the goodnight hug with my hand on each of their backs and watch them each for a few minutes.  Because I can.  And every night I am so grateful for that.  And more so tonight.

But, to end on a lighter note.  Spencer invented a new game today.  The kids have been playing “duck duck” for a while now.  They go around and around and around, patting heads, saying duck, duck, duck.  And this can go on for hours.  Days.  Weeks.  Until today.  Spencer patted my head and said duck, he patted Sidney’s head and said duck and then he called RUN and ran round us.  Stopped and started all over again.  So much fun!

One more Spencer story…  yesterday morning Emily was getting dressed and D asked Spencer to put her nightgown in the hamper for her.  Spencer LOVES putting things in the hampers.  So I was stunned when Spencer said “No Daddy”.  And then he said, with emphases, (and signed) please.  Wow.  So D said, Spencer, please put the nightgown in the hamper, and he did.  These kids.


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