playing and holding hands

One of my favorite things to do is to watch my kids playing together.  one of my favorite sounds is the sound of my kids laughing together.  We do have our moments of not laughing together.  The kids do fight over my lep.  They push eachother out of the way.  They take eachother’s toys.  All of them (kids and toys).  They do fight over books, sippys, food (remember Sidney running from Spencer holding her plate of eggs over her head?).  But thankfully, more often than not, they play together, laugh together, and now, scheme together.

They hold hands while exploring the woods, and searching out sticks to play with.

The play baseball together, well, sort of….

(Emily is at bat in that picture, but D is actually pitching.  We are actively working on teaching the twins to NOT throw balls at people. But check out Mr. man’s throwing stance, he is ready to go!)

The twins are starting to play together, moving beyond parallel play.  Here they are playing on the front steps and blowing bubbles together and riding their bikes (and yelling BOOM when they crash).

And all three of them play in the yard together, on the slide, on the alligator (despite the weird blue tint on this one picture) and at the water table.

And the best ever big sister, who teaches them to play together and takes care of them.

Every time I see them hugging, hear them laughing together, my heart smiles.  It was so hard in the beginning, and it is still pretty hard, but lately, they are more and more fun, and finally, thankfully, more fun than work.  Then again, giving all three of them baths alone is more work than fun….


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