She is just scarey smart

The thing about my kids is that they are all, naturally, geniuses.  Emily can count to 169 (with a little help along the way), she is doing math and word problems and initiating them herself (mommy, if  I have 10 cookies and you take 5, how many do I have left?  and then she corrects me when I say 250 🙂 ).  She is starting to think about spelling and reading.  She is SO ready for kindergarten.  Spencer is working out spacial relations.  If his bike gets stuck behind a toy car, or on the grass, he works out how to go backwards and get out of the jam himself.  Sidney, however, has always been scarey smart and now she has learned manipulation.

Early in their lives, when just pretty much lay side by side holding toys and shewing on them, Sidney would simply reach over and grab whatever Spencer had.  And he never put up a fight or even seemed to care.  So any time Spencer took her toy or reacted to her thievery, I cheered him on.  And now the tides have changed.  Spencer’s favorite toy is whatever Sidney is holding.   And he is a grabber.  As in grab and run.  it took a bit but now Sidney shrugs and moves onto another toy.

But then something happened.

Spencer took whatever Sidney was playing with and she was not happy.  You could see it on her face, but there was no outward reaction.  She simply went to the other side of the room and started playing with one of Spencer’s toys.  I was watching this fascinated because she had never shown any interest in whatever toy that was before.  But sure enough, seconds later Spencer ran over and claimed the toy, dropping the toy he had snatched from his sister.  Sidney, calmly, with a small smile, sat down and started playing with her original toy.  She engineering the entire thing!  I was stunned!  She had clearly though through her actions and his reactions.  She knew that all she needed to do was to play with another toy that he would take and then she could get her original toy back.

This lesson carried thorough to playing outside yesterday.  Emily and Sidney were riding on the toy cars and Spencer was not.  He ran to Emily’s car to commandeer it and we decided to try out Sidney’s Bait and Switch technique.  Emily jumped out of the car and started sweeping (my kids love brooms, who knew?).  Spencer of course lept from the car and lunged for the broom.  With a high five, Emily dropped the broom and happily went back to the car.  This time Spencer was not as easily manipulated.  he kept running back and forth between the broom and the car.  The poor guy.  And we learned it all from Sidney.

And now Sidney has one-uped herself.  This morning, Spencer and Emily were fighting over my lap, the premier seating spot in our house.  Sidney did not join in the fight but you could tell she wanted a seat too.  She and her little teapot and little rosebud tea cup, sat to my right.  I asked her if I could have a cup of tea and she smiled and shook her head.  She held the tea cup in her right out, out of my reach, and said “lap”.  As in you don’t get tea until I get to sit on the lap.

Are all 2 year olds capable of this kind of logic and reasoning?


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