Memorial Day 2014

This year we spent Memorial Day outside, playing with friends and family and having a wonderful time.

Despite the fact that I have been suffering from bronchitis for 3 weeks now, the rest of the family has stayed healthy and we were able to thoroughly enjoy the weekend.

We started with a playdate, that the kids thoroughly enjoyed.  Being my kids, they mostly loved being outside. I have noticed more and more that the kids are doing things together.  We are moving from parallel play to more interactive play. We have a lot of hand holding and a lot of playing together, and it is such fun to watch.

Back at home, after lunch and a nap, I took advantage of the fact that the girls were in matching dresses.

And then we filled the water table.  This was our first time using the water table with the little ones.  Sidney loved it.  She stacked the water blocks, she splashed, and she got a bit wet.   And then Emily gave her some hair styling tips (the look on Sidney’s face in that picture is just fabulous!).  Thankfully thin hair dries fast.

Monday morning we headed into town for the parade with grandma and grandpa.

What a special day, pictures of me with each of my children!  How wonderful and thanks to D for taking these!

Afterwards we went back to grandma and grandpa’s house where the kids enjoyed playing and a respite from the heat. Spencer was especially thrilled to see that grandpa had filled the small pool. he tried climbing in, he tried taking off his shirt. That boy was determined to find a way into that water and when he finally got in, loved every second!

Finally, we went back inside for lunch and a “history lesson”. Sidney found a picture of D as a boy and Grandma showed her who everyone in the picture was. I was fascinated by how long Sidney spent staring at that picture.

Despite my bronchitis, it was a wonderful weekend!  I love spending our family time like thia

Happy Memorial Day to all!


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