Mother’s Day Part 2

Still working to bring the baby book into real time, I want to document Mother’s Day.  This is my favorite type of celebration – family, good food and perfect weather, and lots of time outside.

We started with a lovely lunch outside with family.

We then decided to go to a local park to enjoy the fabulous weather.  That park turned out to be a beach.  Which we were not really prepared for. We explored by the water for a bit and Emily hunted sea shells.  Emily loved it. She has always been huge fan of the beach.

She waded, hunted shells, and coaxed her sister and brother in try it out. Sidney was intrigued enough to check out the situation, wearing her patented Sidney Stare, not a smile in sight, until well after she got the lay of the land and was able to relax.  She even dug in the sand a bit.

It was harder to coax Spencer into enjoying the beach. He loved looking around from the safety of my arms, and was entranced by all the boats. But he was not as sure about walking on the sand. Then again, he is a new walker and the sand is not as stable as he is used to.

Spencer did relax at our next stop – a park with shade and a huge sandcastle play structure.  The kids all has a great time running around and climbing and sliding.

Emily was everywhere!  I was so gad to have 6 adults because she got hard to keep track of!

Spencer found his comfort zone – a wooden ramp right in front of the shaded area that Aunt Sherry and I were camped out in.  He had a blast showing off his walking skills and playing with his beloved uncle Mike.

And in true Sidney form, she was everywhere!  She took some time out of exploring to hang with his brother and they went down the slide together.  Which is to say that Spencer led the way, and went down (in part on his own volition and in part due to the not so gentle push she gave him), stopping at the bottom.  The bottom of the slide was just a bit too high for him, so he sat on the slide for a second and a half.  Long enough for her to cone down the slide, essentially kicking him off.

Step 1 – climb up together

Step 2 – head toward the slide and call Peek a Boo!

Step 3 – Spencer goes first, after a gentle “push” from sister

Step 4 – Victory, and the slide is all Sidney’s! (danger, Spencer is still sitting on the bottom…)

After sliding and climbing and running and jumping we moved over to a huge cherry tree to take a family picture.

Emily and her cousin were trying out the well pump, or else I would have gotten Emily up into that tree as well!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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