Spring plantings

A few weeks ago (may 2), Emily and I took a half day each and started our spring plantings.  This is a favorite afternoon for both of us.   We went to our favorite nursery for herbs and to wander.  Emily spent a lot of time wandering the seedlings and seed packets and picked out seeds for her own garden.

We dug out the oversized teapot from the garage and started by planted the herbs and some lemon balm we found on freecycle.  Note to novice gardeners, lemon balm is a lot of fun, it smells fabulous, is great in teas, but spreads like wildfire!  We potted ours.

(the first plant picture is the lemon balm, the second is our teacup herb garden)

This years herbs are pineapple mint, dill, parsley, scented geranium lime (in the middle mostly for scent but also to add height), lemon thyme and chives.  We also planted strawberry in a separate pot.  Emily is growing butterfly flowers, a packet of random wildflowers, and morning glory, all in pots, and then because she really likes them, in another pot, she is growing brussels sprouts.  Is they go all the way to harvest, I will eat one.  For her.  One.  The things we do for our kids.

And now, 2 weeks later, I walked the property to see how the bulbs we planted back in September were doing (labor day bulb planting is our tradition).  I never remember what I planted and where when it comes to herbs, so spring is a lovely surprise, in lots of ways 🙂   The Hyacinth (according to google, it is the common grape variety) came up first, just after daffodils, and now, as it is fading, the Allium is coming up.

Emily also has her own Japanese Maple Tree that a favorite teacher gave her last fall.  I am thrilled to report that it survived the treacherous weather and is thriving!

Maybe it is thriving because of all the friendly Hyacinth nearby.

Also in full bloom is our lilac tree, which smells fabulous!

Meanwhile, the herbs and lemon balm and strawberry are huge compared to two weeks ago!  I have not yet harvested any herbs, but soon!  Watermelon tomato salad with fresh pineapple mint and fresh dill, yum!


This post has been weeks in the making.  Every time I “finished” it, the system had a mini crash and I lost it.  At this point in real time, the lilacs are gone, the lemon balm and herb garden are both huge.  Emily plants are all thriving, and we have 10 new tree seedlings growing.  The Black Eyed Susan bed is filling in and the Clematis are climbing up their trellis.  Basically, this post has been brought to you by our spring plantings and sheer stubbornness!


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