Playing outside – the girl version

Now that it is officially spring, we are outside as much as possible.  Lately, I have been trying to duck out of work early enough to race home, make dinner, plate it and put the plates and cups on the serving tray.  This way, the kids, to their delight, don’t have to come inside while I make dinner.  I can simply run in, grab the tray, bring it out and we can sit at the picnic table and enjoy dinner.  I love evenings like this.

A few months back, I picked up 2 kid chairs and a kid desk off freecycle.  One chair is inside and painted a bright cobalt blue.  The other is still outside and painted a pale pink.  The desk I have not touched.  The original owners sawed down the legs to lower it, and I might want to raise it back up.  We’ll see…  Anyway, one weekend, Emily used one chair and the desk for some outside paint projects.

When we aren’t creating masterpieces of art, we are running, playing with the balls, sliding and blowing bubbles on the lawn. And here I feature Sidney, the mistress of the lawn. Note that in none of these pictures is the ball actually touching the ground!

The last one we call her Duck face.

When we are outside we also spend a lot of time on the slide.  Emily is great on the slide and helps her brother and sister on the (three) steps and then “catches” them at the bottom.

And in case you were wondering about him, Spencer loves playing in the cars. He hops in, waves, says bye bye and takes off!


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