White House Easter Egg Roll Trip – day 3b

in case you need to catch up here are posts for day 1, day 2 and day 3a.

Day 3, after a trip to the zoo, the babies fell asleep in the car and D drove down to his old stomping grounds.  He really enjoyed showing Emily GW University.  Once the kids woke up, we found a place to play before meeting up with the kids cousin Ethan for an early dinner.

Then Emily took over photographer duty.

Before going for a walk around the fountain.

After a bite to eat, the cousins enjoyed playing together.  I had trouble with these pictures.  My glasses automatically turn to sunglasses and I forgot about that, so a lot of these are darker than I would like.  I changed the setting for the bright sunlight but then changed them again,m based on the preview of the pictures, which was darker due to the sun glasses.  Next time I will try to remember.

Despite how dark it is, I love that picture of Sidney and her cousin laughing together.  But of course, Spencer hugging Daddy wins the grand prize.  LOVE!

After the fountain, the cousins played for a while in the pool, before parting ways.  Thanks so much Cousin E for the play date, we all loved it and cannot wait for our next one!


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