White House Easter Egg Roll Trip – day 3a

White House Easter Egg Roll Day 1 is here and Day 2 is here.

Day three started bright and early with a trip to the National Zoo.  This is another one of my favorite DC treasures.  My father and I took Emily when she was a baby, and D took her once when I was pregnant with the twins and unable to walk around that much, but this was our first family trip to this particular zoo.  And it was a huge success!

We started with a picnic breakfast by a huge giant bird thing (whose name I have forgotten).  This was a fun breakfast because the kids could alternate between eating and visiting with the bird thing (note to self, next time take pictures of the id signs too).

After this birdy guy and a few of his friends, we stopped over to see the panda bears.

After the pandas and a quick peek at the elephants, Spencer turned to me and said “Mo Aminals, Mo Aminals”.  So we did.

Starting with the bird house.

The birds were an especially big hit because the kids could see everything!  And getting there bright and early was a big success because the kids could walk around and explore at their own pace.  Spencer’s is slower than his sisters, so he and I took our time getting from the birds back to the elephants. We stopped to look at everything and see as many “aminals” as we could find.

We caught us with D and the girls at the elephants.

After a visit to the gorilla, who was climbing everywhere, we ducked into the primate house.  And then visited the big cats.

Then we took a break for lunch and bubble blowing.

After lunch we strolled through the children’s zoo and headed off.  White House Easter Egg Roll 3b is next up, the kids playing with their cousin.  And then post 4 – the White House itself!


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