White House Easter Egg Roll Trip – day 2

(White House Easter Egg Roll Day 1 is here in case you missed it.)

The morning of day 2, I woke up disgustingly early, way before anyone else woke up.  I hung out and read for a few hours, until I heard HI, HI, Hi coming from the other room.  This was the babies first night on air mattresses, so I was really curious how they would wake up.

I walked in and Sidney was still cuddled with her friends (giraffEE is under that blanket with her, baby doll is close by).  And there is a huge smile on her face.  Spencer was looking at her, and laughing.   he was not a cuddled in as she was.  this is odd, because at home, in the cribs, he is the one who is more likely to cuddle into a ball while she is likely to travel the entire crib in her sleep.

All it took was one word of encouragement and Spencer left his mattress and joined Sidney on hers.

They played and compared notes and discussed the merits of air mattresses versus cribs while I enjoyed how late they slept in!

After a trip on the metro which the kids loved, and breakfast, we spent the day on the National Mall.

Up here in Connecticut it is just starting to be spring.  The days are getting a bit warmer and we are slowly shedding things like hats and gloves and occasionally we take off our coats.  In DC it was SO warm!  We stayed in long sleeves, but we loved that it was warm enough to take off our coats every day.  We also loved seeing leaves on the trees and flowers – so many flowers!  Coming back to the land of no leaves was hard.  But our forsythia is blooming and daffodils are waving in the wind (the strong, bracing wind that makes you think spring is a joke….)

We started the day at the Capitol.

I could not get enough of the flowers! And of course, the classic views! What a treat to be back in this city, with my kids.

Heading down from the Capitol, we started to make our way down the mall.  We took our time.  We took the time to enjoy the day, the views, the flowers, the weather, etc I loved that we were in no rush. That we could take the time to throw Emily into a reflecting pool.  Well, to “threaten” to toss her in.

We made our way down the mall until we found the perfect place to hang out and play on the grass.

These last 2 are just my favorites from the whole trip, especially the one of the girls dancing together in front of the Capitol.  Don’t worry, Spencer was there too, he was just hanging out at my side while he took everything in.

After play time, we kept walking.  And I kept enjoying all the flowers.

We visited the Smithsonian of Natural History, and then we walked all the way down to visit Jefferson, my favorite memorial.

Then Spencer fell asleep and D took the girls on the carousel and then we found another grassy spot to hang out and blow bubbles, and take in the view.

We ended every day the same way, in the pool. Once Sidney got in that floaty thing she was just the happiest thing on earth. Spencer loved playing in the water and Emily was beside herself excited every night to practice swimming all by herself!

And that was our second day of vacation.  Stay tuned for day 3, the day at the zoo. and then day 4 – the White House.


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