White House Easter Egg Roll Trip – day 1

Every year the White House hosts an Easter Egg Roll.  The past 2 years I have applied to the lottery.  Last year we were Easter Egg Rejects (coolest email address ever!), but this year we got in and turned it into our first ever family of 5 vacation.   We are all very happy to be home, we had a great time, and D and I are in complete agreement that while it was a really cool experience and we are thrilled we went, we are really not interested in doing it (the White House Easter Egg roll, not the trip) ever again.

We left for DC Friday morning at 8am.  8 LONG hours later we arrived at the hotel.  GPS said 4 hours.  GPS does not, apparently, factor in New Jersey and its traffic disasters, or children.  Our most successful stop on the drive down was at the Delaware Rest Stop.  This rest stop is located in the middle of the highway, so we parked and played on the grassy hill and waved to the trucks.  Spencer LOVED it!  He shouted TRUUUUCKKKK at every truck.  His eyes were huge and his smile even bigger!  Two trucks even honked and waved to him.  Whew knew the Delaware Turnpike rest stop was such a cool place?

I am a good packer! I make lists, cross check them, organize them, create spread sheets for them, etc, and I never (ok, rarely) forgot the little things. Like bubbles. I remembered to pack 5 different things of bubbles, always a huge hit.

Then again, standing and watching cars and trucks, also a huge hit.  I guess my kids are fairly easy to entertain.

Emily took full advantage of the rest to run and enjoy the sunshine and the freedom from her carseat.

Sidney alternated between running after her and hanging out with me.  Meanwhile, Spencer and Daddy watched out for trucks in a seriously overexposed picture because I shot directly into the sun and forgot to make any adjustments.

8 LONG hours after we left the house, at about 4:00, we finally pulled into the hotel, fed the kids who wolfed down pasta and chicken and then hit the pool.  The pool was probably one of the biggest hits during our trip.  I have to give D a ton of credit here.  Thursday night, as we were putting Emily to bed, house before we were leaving, and with packing still on our to-do list, he said, “Should we get Emily a life jacket or something?”  The man is a genius!  He came home with a perfectly sized life vest, and a spare in case it was the wrong size, and a blow up floaty thingy for one of the babies.  2 adults, 3 non swimmers, this man is such a genius! and Emily was thrilled! The life vest he chose was similar enough to the one she has used in swim class, so she was comfortable enough to strike out on her own.

Swimming seriously tired everyone out and the kids all went to sleep with relative ease.  Especially impressive was how well the babies went down on their air mattresses!  They went crib free for this trip and did great!  And better yet, spoiler alert, slept fabulously in the cribs once we got back home.

coming next, day 2 – the National Mall…


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