Passover 2014

Normally I am not a fan of celebrating holidays early, with the sole exception of birthday parties.  I mean, I have never celebrated Groundhog day on January 27th.  We never have a July 4th barbeque on July 1.  But sometimes you have no choice.  And actually, it was a VERY good thing.  This year we had the best Seder ever!

We spent the day bonding, playing outside, and reading.  It was a day for the 5 cousins to hang out, play dinosaurs, cars, and take pictures of each other.   It was a day of bubbles, chalk drawings, and fabulous food!

From the minute they met, Spencer and Uncle M have been buddies.  That first meeting, Spencer took a nice long nap on M’s chest.  They are still so close.  But pulling in is Sidney, who can say his name!

As much as Spencer enjoyed reading with M, we did not stay inside for long though, it was too nice out!

For the record, this dress Emily is wearing took me a few weeks to hem!  What should have been a 15 minute job took forever!  She is not allowed to outgrow it and Sidney has to be her exact size to wear it.  I am never hemming or unhemming this dress ever again! The lining has a crinoline layer attached and it was just a complex mess….   On the plus side, Emily loves it, and not only because it is massively twirly, so mostly worth it.  Although I did worry from time to time that she would outgrow it before I finished it…

But I digress.  While we were playing outside, the kids played a little t-ball.  Including Sidney.

I am not 100% sure I want her learning how to swing a bat.  With her “soon to be patented” stare of doom, the ability to swing a bat could be dangerous.  While Sidney was perfecting her swing, Spencer and Uncle M bonded again over bubbles.  I love how much this boy loves his uncle!

After he poured 2 vials of bubbles onto the lawn, Spencer retired to play with cars.

When we went in, the girls sat in the sun room to read over the Haggadah before starting.

The Seder and meal were crazy fun.  Spencer ate 4 or 5 hard boiled eggs.  Sidney enjoyed chicken with soy sauce.  None of the kids could be convinced to try by beloved gefilte fish (love it!  and really good with soy sauce too, just saying…).  The matzo balls we made the night before and corresponding soup were enjoyed (whew!!).  And once the kids had eaten, they went to the sun room to play, and D and I each ate a hot meal, together, with other adults.  It was fabulous!  As was playing with Cousin B and dinosaurs!  That is the most ticklish boy EVER!  And I had the dinosaur that tickles too…  Which prompted Sidney to have her dinosaur tickle too.  so much fun!

This year the kids all found the afikomen together, which obviously resulted in much rejoicing and I served as ace negotiator for the afikomen surrender.  My ace mother in law got all three kids the same toy camera.  SCORE!  We have one that Em got for her second birthday.  The kids all love it and fight over it, and now everyone is happy.  And it does not matter whose is whose!  Best passover ever!  Good food, fun family, great weather, great day, and the end of the fighting over the camera.

So it was good that we celebrated Passover early.  Monday night, the official start of Passover, the kids ate outside and D and I painted the basement ceiling.  Not as festive.  I liked the day with the family much better!


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