the sweetest bully ever!

One of those moments you don’t want to forget…

Today at day care, the kids were all playing outside.  Sidney was playing on the teeter totter.  Spencer was doing something and their friend S was playing with a push lawn mower toy.  Apparently Sidney got off the teeter totter and went over to S and took the lawn mower away from him.  thankfully S dd not mind, he simply walked away and played somewhere else.  I feel like this behavior deserves a scold.

But she brought the lawn mower over to Spencer.  He is walking MUCH better, but still likes the security of toys like this, especially outside on uneven ground.  In a heartbeat Sidney goes from being the bully on the playground to the sweetest kid ever.  My heart melts when I think of her helping her brother like that.

I do feel bad for little friend S (too many kids with the same first initial here!) but I am so proud of my sweet little “bully in training”.


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