Another day at the farm

Spring is finally coming to New England! So this past Sunday we took full advantage of it. After a family meeting, we decided to skip Hebrew School and spend the day at the farm, always one of our favorite places it visit.

The kids all love the animals and this visit we were thrilled to see so many new additions, especially the two adorable baby calves, which looked like twins with identical white star shaped spots on their foreheads.  We also loved seeing the rams.  These guys are not often out, or at least we rarely see them, but wow are they ready for sheering!

After warding off an attack from a group of geese who were not thrilled with anything that day (who did succeed in freaking Sidney out), the twins and I were able to join Emily and D in the Animal Embassy house, where the girls pet a chinchilla and everyone enjoyed seeing an alligator, snakes, fish, turtles, frogs, ferrets, etc…  Sidney has always loved turtles so she and I spent a lot of time with this guy.  During Emily’s first trip to the farm, she got to feed the turtles, perhaps she fed this guy?

After the farm part, we went to the playground.  For the first time, the twins were able to really enjoy the playground!  The second we took them out of the stroller, Sidney took off after Emily, ready to tackle the big slide.  Sidney loves the beam at gymnastics class (mama beam beam!), so she was thrilled to see one here.

All three kids loved the slide!

(Spencer rode down on my lap)

After a picnic lunch, we took off on the paved trails and some good rock climbing.  Emily and D also examined a tree that had fallen.

Our routine is that after one trip around the trail, Emily and D go around one more time, while the babies and I hang out in the woods – they are usually ready for a nap.  This time, while Emily and D did lap 2, the babies wanted to explore some more.

LOVE this picture!

And she had reason to celebrate!  Check out Mr. man’s walking skills!


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