Bubbles and Slides

In the northeast (well, I guess in most of the country, but I live in the north east), we have had a BAD winter.  It has been obscenely cold, windy, snowy, and we are all ready for it to end.  I am sure I am not alone in recommending that any weather person who dares to saw the word “snow” before November should consider the witness protection program.  But yesterday, being April 1, the universe decided that a weather related April Fools Joke would not go over well.  And we got a break.  It was 60 degrees!!  SIXTY!  I got the kids early and we played outside.  And loved every second of it.

We played with the cars, Emily rode her bike (and Sidney examined every inch of it, likely in an effort to ride it as well), we drew with chalk, we played ball…  but the two favorites were blowing bubbles and the slide.  And of course, I had the camera out.  I have been trying some new features of the camera lately, and since I prefer outside photography to inside any day, it was a fun play time for me too.  And I found out that I am too big for the slide.  bummer.  But I cannot wait for summer when we put the slide bottom in the kiddy pool!


After bubble blowing, we got out the small slide, also a big hit!



Emily was fabulous with the kids.    She “caught” them every time they went down, helped them climb up, and showed them how to climb up and down the ladder.

Then she was good enough to let me try out some new light settings on the camera.  I have missed outdoor photography SO much and she is the most gorgeous model!



** this post has been in the works for a while now.  WordPress has made some changes that make posting pictures much more difficult, which is why I included the 2 photo collages.  I am now writing posts using the old fashioned HTML coding, so it is taking more time.  I have more posts in the works, but they make take time as well.  Fingers crossed that WordPress changes things back and fast!


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