random playing, just a regular weekend

This past weekend we just played. Nothing special, but then again, really special by virtue of just the 5 of us being together.

Sidney has discovered curtains. Can you find her?

How cute are those tiny little tights sticking out from the curtains?

Spencer loves this game and was excited to play too!

Hiding has become a big thing in our world.  The kids love reading in the tent in the nursery and I pretend I can’t find them.  Then I go in the tent too, so we can all read together.  That is one of the best parts of my day.  Story time in the tent, piled in there with all 3 kids, reading and cuddling.  Does it get any better?

While the babies were hiding in the curtains, Emily was coloring her umbrella.

Then Sidney took a rest and sat down to try to put on her shoes all by herself.  She was not successful.  Cute, but not successful.



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