Stepping Stones Museum

This past weekend, D had a random idea to take the kids to the Stepping Stones Museum.  This is a touch and play museum that kids LOVE and I tolerate.  I love the concept but hate the crowds.  This is invariably a group of kids running around like mad with seemingly no parental supervision and it drives me crazy.  And I have only even taken Emily there.  So imagine my reaction to his suggestion that we take 3 kids…  Spoiler alert – it was fun.  The kids had a great time and since we went right when it opened, the crowds were manageable.


We started in “toddler town”.  Emily and Sidney ran off immediately, with D in hot pursuit.  Spencer took his time.   While his sisters were exploring a car nearby, Spencer enjoyed the giant fish tank and then found some race cars.

Then we moved to what Emily calls “the ball room”, but what I refer to as “soaker city”.   Emily was able to move around the room and explore all the water features, but being short, we kept the babies planted in one spot.


Then it was time for some science.  My favorite part was the giant Light Brite.


Other rooms had more science – healthy eating, anatomy (G rated), etc.  We lay back on huge pillows and looked up at strings of lights.  We danced on light up floors.  We had fun.  And when the crowds are not too bad, we will go back.


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