Sometimes freecycle is wrong

and sometimes that is a good thing!

Everyone has their own personal “time wasters”.  Mine is freecycle (or the free section of craig’s list), especially kids chairs.  We have really gotten (and given, let’s be fair, I do use it both ways) some neat stuff this way.  Things I would NEVER buy but are cool to have.  Like a kidney shaped art table, with an attached paper roll and cup holders and 2 seats.  And we love it!  I can totally picture the twins sitting on the benches on either side drawing.  Emily has moved to our old butcher block kitchen table, to keep small hands away from her “office”.

My kids all LOVE pretend play.  LOVE it!  baby dolls and kitchens are the top of our list, both at home and at school.  All three feed the babies, cook food, etc… on a very regular basis.  The other night I saw an add on freecycle for Melissa and Doug brand cooking toys.  I am a huge fan of M&D toys.  They are well made, sturdy, safe, etc, and a big hit.  So I sent off an email and she agreed to leave the toys in her porch fr me to pick up in the morning.  Her house is 5 mns from my work, super easy!

But her freecycle post was wrong.

The toys she left on her porch were NOT Melissa and Doug.  They were cooking related but not cooking toys.  I expected one of those toys where you slide bread or make pizza or something, or a bag of kitchen accessories.  Wrong.  (yes, I could and should have asked for clarification in my email, but I did not).

On her porch waiting for me, was a toy kitchen sink and a toy stove/oven.  The cutest little sink and stove I ever saw!  But you see, we already have a toy kitchen.  One that the kids use daily.  Multiple times a day.  We don’t need these.  Any yet I loaded them into the trunk anyway.  And I have no idea why.  But something in my head said to just grab them, why not? I can always relist them for someone else to use.  or keep them….  And they are in really great shape structurally.  Just a bit dusty.  Other than that, I did not see any issues with them, so I loaded them up.

And then I started googling.  These are definitely not Melissa and Doug.  Not even retired.  it turns out they are from a company I never heard of called PinToy.  And it has a FABULOUS reputation for good, solid, wooden toys in Europe and Australia.  Converted to US dollars these retail for about $150.00 each!  Whoa!  They need a good cleaning, and the sink is missing the actual bowl, but they just might have a new home at our house for a bit…  if the weather ever warms up, I might just clean them up and see if the kids like them.

But there is one problem.  My fabulous husband might question (MIGHT?) if we really need another kitchen setup.  What are the odds he does not notice them?



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