Purim 2014, part 2

Well, the great Hamantaschen experiment of 2014 was pseudo successful.  I am just not a good Hamantaschen maker.  But we will try again next year.

Emily LOVED the baking project though.  I don’t have any pictures because we ended up making them between the twins bedtime and her (delayed because of the baking) bedtime, so all hands ere on deck to maximize efficiency.  She was in charge of eggs, I did oil, sugar and baking power and D ran the flour show while Em and I mixed.  Em and I started the rolling process and then she and D finished while I spooned in filling and folded.  It was quite the assembly line!

When Emily went upstairs to brush teeth, I cleaned and got a few pictures.

The strawberry Hamantaschen right out of the oven.

the lemon batch, still in the over, with the lemon curd spilling out everywhere.

last batch, apple. And the one in the center is an apple/lemon/strawberry that Emily made just for herself (still needed to be folded)

Emily has tried a few bites of her multi flavored cookie and pronounced it good.  My exterminator came for his quarterly visit and loved the lemon ones.

So, for next year, we need to improve our folding and filling techniques.  The dough seemed ok, but apparently there are better folding techniques than the “pinching” technique we used.  And I think our circles were too thick.  Bottom line, Emily had fun making them, and really, that is all that matters.  Next year, though, we will start MUCH earlier in the day, since the babies will be old enough to help.


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