Happy Purim 2014

happy Purim everyone!

I love the Purim megillah reading!This year, Emily went in costume for the first time.

The kids did not get costumes this year.   But Sidney did get to wear a dress.  The reading started at 9:30, and we got there a little early, to be sure to get parking and seats.  That gave the kids (well, the girls), a few minutes to wander the shul.  Sidney loved this!  You could just see the top of her tuft of hair over the seats and she wandered everywhere!  Then she ran up to big sister for a hug and together they examined the ceiling.  Spencer, from the comfort of my lap, also enjoyed examining the ceiling.

We sat in the very front row, and Emily ended up sitting in front of us on the floor with the kindergarten class.  I held Sidney for most of the time, and in true Sidney fashion, she was very serious about her gragger shaking.  She had a concentrated, stern look on her face, but when I asked if she was having fun, she smiled huge and nodded.

Spoencer did not seem as into things as his sisters were.  During the pre-reading wander time, he snuggled on my lap.  And at one point there was a little todder heated debate over who got to sit with Mommy.  Spencer ended up winning and gave his gragger a few time appropriate shakes.  I think it may have been a bit much for him.

He did enjoy playing before we went to the reading though.  We decided to skip the Purim carnival and instead cam ehom for lunch and afternoon naps.  This afternoon Emily and will be making Hamentaschen.  The three flavors Emily picked are apple, strawberry and lemon.  I can’t wait!



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