Randomness – stories of watermelons, tea, and tools

Ok, this are not real stories, they are more musing surrounding pictures.  As in I have pictures, I will create some sort of narration around them.  but really, here are some pictures.

The story of the watermelon.

Look! I can lift a whole watermelon!

Silly watermelon, you live in the fruit bowl, not on the counter!

It was at this point that I did worry a bit about my DIY skills.  I mean that is a sturdy fruit bowl and I am really proud of it, but can it really support a whole (albeit little) watermelon?

I really just cannot say for sure why Emily found this to be hysterically funny.

It worked!  My fruit bowl can support the weight of a watermelon!  I am so proud of it!

Anyway, clearly we eat a lot of watermelon, but my kids do still love tea.

By the way, that is MY cup of tea, not his.  He pilfered it and grabbed a straw and is thoroughly enjoying it.  Much like I would have, had I been able to drink it myself.

A few weeks ago I grabbed a tool bench off Craig’s list.  Which resulted in a strange debate between D and myself until he realized that I was buying a tool bench for the kids, not for myself.

Don’t be fooled by the gender stereotypical pictures here.  All three kids love this thing.  I am sure the “newness” factor is part of it, but they take the tools all over the house, “fixing” things.  Spencer likes the saw a lot and has taken to sawing up my gorgeous floors.  Thank goodness the saw is (a) plastic and (b) upside down.  And my real saw is in its case hanging up high in the garage, away from both him and my floors.  Emily prefers the hammer (and has hammered the TV and windows, resulting in a new rule to be put in place in our house – no hammering glass!) and the drill, and Sidney plays with whatever is left, but seems to like the non working snake light a lot.

Generally Sidney is to busy for tools, she does, after all, have a baby to take care of.

Notice that the baby doll is diapered and she is about to feed it.  She is very tuned to the emotional states of baby dolls.  She has picked up a doll from my lap, said, shhh shhh shhh and then cuddled it, patting its back.  What a good mommy!


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