Animal Sounds and Breakfast

Both Sidney and Spencer know a lot of animal sounds and they like using them.  Since it is too cold to go to the farm or the zoo, we generally stick to pictures, books, and an animal app that they love.

The kids know the sounds for most of the more common animals, monkeys, horses (mostly), piggies (sometimes), ducks, fish (sometimes), gorillas (complete with chest thumps), lions, tigers, and bears (oh my).  Sometimes Sidney remember that a penguin says oonk, oonk (when she wears her penguin shirt).  Sometimes Spencer will tell you a fish says blub blub.  They love the sounds for cows and sheep the best.

And they do these sounds in either a really good imitation of the animal sound, or in their normal voices.  Their normal voices reflect their personalities.  Sidney’s voice is firm and decisive.  Mama, Dada, Ball, EmmmEmmmm (Emily), Up, night night, book, bye bye.  All in her voice, which is clear, firm and decisive.  You rarely misunderstand Sidney.  Spencer’s voice is more in his personality style.  His bye bye is the sweetest thing ever, in this adorable little baby boy voice.  He has just as many words as his sister, but he doesn’t use them as much.    Until you get Spencer on his own and then he talks a mile a minute!  In his little sweet voice.

Until you get to Dinosaurs.  Seriously, do not ask Sidney what a dinosaur says at night if you are at all wigged out about anything!  She does a perfect dinosaur roar.  Deep, guttural, and perfectly scarey.  Spencer roars as well, but in a sweeter way.    Sidney could likely communicate with an actual dinosaur.

One other word gets the same deep, guttural treatment – Tea.  The kids know how much I love my tea, and when I get out the big pitcher and the ice to brew up a pot, Sidney will run in (in her deep guttural voice), TEA, TEA, TEA!

And that nearly brings us to this morning, after one more detour…

Sidney was in a mood yesterday, very clingy and not eating much, other then the pasta.  She commandeered the serving bowl, ate right from it and proclaimed it MINE (in a very firm, decisive voice).  She also was hysterically mad every time I served one of the other kids from said bowl, going so far as to try to get the pasta off their plates and return it to her bowl.  The other kids (and I) were not amused.  And I know she understood me when I explained sharing to her because when I said I would have to take away the bowl if she did not share, she would shake her head, say no and hug the bowl.

This morning she was still really clingy and not overly hungry.  it was a scrambled eggs morning.  Spencer ate all of his eggs and most of Sidney’s eggs.  He enjoyed his milk.  Both kids had some smoothie (he had a lot more).  Sidney was not having any of it.  She finally pointed to my cup of iced tea and in her firm voice, tea, tea, tea.

The day care intake form this morning, for the question, what has your child eaten today:

Spencer: his eggs, Sidney’s eggs, milk, smoothie

Sidney: milk, smoothie, tea

This is Sidney, she is little, she is cute, she is sweet, and get out of her way when she needs her tea!


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