One day we played outside

Up here in Connecticut, we barely remember what the ground looks like.   I am very concerned that my kids will grow up thinking the sky is blue (because yes, the sky is fabulous shades of blue lately), and the ground is white, or a sludgy slushy dirty white.  I am so sick of snow.    But last weekend, for one day, one glorious day, it was warm enough to play outside.  It was fifty degrees.  And since lately temperatures of 5 have been common, 50 was a dream!  And we took full advantage of it!

We started with the kids in the toy cars and Emily on her bike (and D working on the pile of ice at the end of the driveway).

The kids were SO happy!!  To add to their glee, I had the cars “bump” (crash) into each other a few times. They also enjoyed when we chased down Emily, or “crashed” into her bike.

After a while, I parked the babies in front of a snow bank that was at least twice the height of their cars, so Emily could have more room to ride.


They had SO much fun just being outside!!

For one of our (many) snow days, I got a few beach balls, so we brought one outside.


Emily had a great time throwing her as high as she could!

While her brother and sister played with the beach ball, Sidney decided to make sure there was absolutely no snow on the driveway.

She did a good job.

And I am happy to announce that the latest snow storm, scheduled for today, skipped us, so our driveway is still blissfully clear.  Because woe to anyone who dumps snow on the driveway that Sidney cleared!


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