Learning to Crochet

I remember when i started doing cross stitch.  I was young – 10, 12?  I am not sure exactly, but I remember the feel of the needle, the beauty of the threads, the thrill of translating the pattern into design.

One weekend, my cousin agreed to teach me to crochet.  A few years back, no, wow, over a decade ago, she taught me to knit.  I took to it immediately (which translates more into her teaching abilities than my knitting abilities).  She got me going and I was comfortable, so she turned to her knitting.  I can still picture that room.   her living room, with the sliding doors in front of us, and her cat sitting and looking out.  To the right is her kitchen, where we made challah (different visit), and her big fish tank.  And that weird triangular shower :).  See Amy, I may not have turned into a fabulous knitter, but I still remember that day so vividly!  Anyway, she went on to do whatever she was doing and I knitted away happily.  Until she came to check on me.  And  asked if I was making a waterproof sweater.

And I returned to cross stitch.

So now I tried my hand at crochet.  In my defense, we chose the wrong yarn for me and I hated it.  But Emily chose the right yarn and did much better.  (and in more of my own defense, I did much better with Em’s yarn!)




Meanwhile, the babies did a little Wii


And then played on the sofa cushions

And then Sidney was good enough to cooperate for a little photo shoot, her brother and sister were not in the mood…




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