Ball Jar Paint Storage

Do you ever get an idea and it gets stuck in your head?  I do this all the time.  I get an idea, usually for a crafty something or other, and become mentally obsessed with making it work.  The other day I was lecturing on a fairly complex theory and a solution popped into my head!

I was at Good Will a few months ago and came across some small (8 ounce I think) Ball Jars.  I LOVE Ball Jars!   I love that the top and the screw part are not connected.  I love how they look filled with things.  But I never had anything to fill them with.  Still, that day, I saw them, they were in great shape and they were only $1.  And stored them in my cabinet for months, wondering why I bought them.

And then it hit me… paint!

In the unfinished part of our basement, next to the oil tank, is a pile of paint.  For someone like me, this is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because OMG PAINT!  Find me a chair!  Find me some frames!  I must paint!!  but a curse because, well, look at that mess!  So I did what any other normal person would do, I closed that door and focused on the nice, clean, neat, organized finished part of the basement.  And opened the cabinet door that holds my painting supplies.

Not 5 minutes later I triumphantly went back upstairs with this.

3 paint samples with just enough left to fill 3 Ball Jars.


And to make it even prettier I whipped up some pretty labels

(By the way, Benjamin Moore Blue Nose is the paint Em and I turned into chalk paint when we refinished that table, which I still adore!)

So now, all of my Ball Jars except the big one are filled with pretty pretty paint colors.  And that cabinet in the basement now looks like this

SO PRETTY!  What used to be a pile of sample paint cans and whatnot is now 7 pretty pretty Ball Jars of paint.  That is the paint from the nursery, 2 jars of an oops blue that I grabbed because I love it but have never used it, the brown from the downstairs bathroom, the purple from the kids bathroom, a grey sample from when we painted the house and the blue from the table.  That is a lot of condensing!  All those paint containers used to take up at least 3 shelves!  I still have more paint to pour into pretty pretty jars too.

But does it work?  Every few days I opened it (yep, still open easily, MUCH easier than paint cans) and the paint seems fine.  I am not sure if this is a great idea for long term storage, but it is not like we are talking about huge quantities of any one color.  The glass jars are in a cabinet in the basement (cool, we don’t usually turn on the basement heat unless we need to) and dark, perfect for paint.   So I am happy with the odds of this working out long term for me.  Besides, I am much more likely to use this paint for other projects than for touch ups on a wall.

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