My favorite little man

The babies are as different as any two kids could ever possibly be.  Sidney is a firecracker.  There is no other way to describe her.  The kids are now enrolled in gymnastics.  It took Spencer a while to warm up to the gym, the situation, etc.  Sidney, on the other hand, entered the gym and took off!  She was on every apparatus and loved every second of it.  Last class, Spencer found his comfort zone.  And once we get him to that area of the mat, he has a ball.  The teacher and I were talking about it.  I remarked that we finally found Spencer’s comfort zone and he told me that every child has one zone in the gym that they claim as their own.  I laughed and said, Sidney’s comfort zone in the entire gym.  He said… “and then some!”.

One day Sidney will take over the world.  There is no doubt in my mind.  She wants things done a certain way, and only that way.  She does not cut corners.  She does not accept excuses.  She will find  way to make things happen.  Quickly.  One day in the gym, she was the guinea pig child who showed the other kids how to walk sideways on the beam.  With me a heartbeat away, the teacher took her and showed her how to walk sideways across the beam.  She gave him a patented Sidney look and did not do it again that day.  The next week, I put her on the beam and she did it, holding my hands.  She just took off.   And that is Sidney.

Spencer does things his own way.  Remember the blog entry that he walked?  That was enough for Spencer.  Take some attention, walk to mamma, giggle and give me a huge grin, and move on with your life.  He has taken a few steps since then, but he is just not into it.

But to this evening.  All 3 kids in pajamas, we are playing in the nursery.  Spencer crawled off my lap over to his crib and used the slats to pull himself up.  He took a few sideways steps to the right, almost tentatively.  Then he turned to V, who helps us out 3 afternoons a week, let go of the crib and walked right into her arms.  His smile…  I can’t begin to describe how huge his smile was.  Then he turned, took her hand, used it for a few steps, let go and walked straight into my arms.


Right now, if you asked me, I would say my man has no desire to take over the world.  He adores his family, especially his sisters.  He is the best cuddler.  He loves his pink bear so much.  He has one of the three best laughs I have ever heard.  And now, he knows he can let go and walk.  I am unbelievably proud of him.  He is so proud of himself.  And in true Spencer form, he did it his own way.  This is, after all, the kid who developed his own version of the army crawl that was so unique that his pediatrician had never seen one like it.


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