The second of three storms

They say all good things happen in threes.  They also say bad things happen in threes.  Well, I guess having three kids I am covered either way?  What i do know is that I am SICK of snow!  The predictions for the Sunday night/Monday morning storm are up to 3 feet of fresh snow.  Threes.  Three more feet.  ARG!  but then…  a burst of sunshine!  I was listing to Fox news this morning in the car and the AM weather person there actually said the storm was cancelled!  I love her choice of words and the entire studio erupted in cheers and applause.  And now I officially adore Fox news!  Besides, where would we put any more snow at this point?

Anyway, storm #2…   of how ever many more we have in store….

We had no reason to rush to get dressed, so we stay in pajamas… well, some of us all day.

I am STILL not sure if I love this table or hate it.  I am leaning towards hating it but the more I lean away from it, the more the kids love it.  It IS a great height for them, and the shiny vinyl top is a big hit.  So for now it stays….  And maybe, eventually, the table will get its very own DIY post…

After breakfast and playing, we dismantled the sofa yet again.  We are now that the point where Sidney is sad when she sees the couch put together!



After lunch, which was an event of its own, it was nap time.  Emily, oddly, went right into her bed, under the covers and relaxed.  Sidney was another story.  Generally, it is “Sidney, ready for nap?” and she nods and the kids go to bed.  Sometimes we ask her if she is ready and sometimes Spencer, and sometimes we can just tell.  yesterday she as NO ready.  Sidney, ready to go night night?  She she would shake her head, say no, and go do something in another room.  A few minutes go by and we try again, no, and she leaves.  Finally I just put the kids in the cribs.  Not 5 minutes later she is howling mad!  Fine, I give up and go get her and see this:

My gorgeous man and his favorite friend, completely unconsciously sleeping. while Sidney screams in the next crib…

I try to prepare for every storm, and I am so praying Fox news is right about Monday because, well, first, I need to see my Monday.Wednesday classes again, but also because I am out of activities and ideas!  For this storm I grabbed an aquadoodle pad and 3 beach balls.

The aquadoodle was a big hit!  The set came with one pen.  So I hid it and grabbed paint brushes.  A little water on the brush, a small bowl of water nearby and the kids had a great time.  And since it dries relatively fast, this was a good way to pass the time.


Then, finally, we went out in the snow.

Disclaimer.  I DO have 3 kids, really.  The pictures above attest to that.  One of them loved being outside as long as I was holding him and therefore doe snot appear in any pictures.

There was, IS, a lot of snow out there.  I carried Sidney out into the yard and pt her down.  Her feet sank a bit and then she just sat.

She seemed comfortable, but basically did not move a muscle.  Unable to?  Confused?  Scared?  not clue, but immobile.  Spencer was also immobile, preferring to stay off the ground in our arms.

Once Sidney got back onto level ground, she seemed more comfortable.

On the far side of the driveway is basically a wall of snow.


Look at Sidney’s little face.  Stunned with huge eyes.  This kid is not sure what is going on!

Emily, on the other hand, had a blast!  She worked on scaling that snow mountain all by herself.  While Sidney explored the concept of snow clinging to mittens, and D held Spencer, Emily and I played a bit.

We are expecting 3 days of light snow – dustings to an inch type of snow.  Any chance that this is almost over?


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